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Strype Street Cycles


Workshop - Head Mechanic

Don’t let the tatoos and t-shirt fool you, we are lucky to have one of the most thoughtful and experienced mechanics in the country heading up wrenching duties. Nothing phases him and with the dulcet tones of Iron Maiden’s back catalogue playing in the background he’ll quietly and methodically resolve your mechanical woes. He sets the standard that we all try to work to. Shame about his darts skills.


Workshop - 2nd Mechanic

Junior Mechanic extraordinaire with a quiet, merthodical nature and a background in Cross Country Mountain biking.


Front of House - Owner

Mostly responsible for paying the bills. When he gets the opportunity to escape the office, is most happy getting new cyclists into the sport.


Front of House

Splits his time between bike sales and bike fitting. A weapon on foot or in the saddle but modest to a fault, a consumer of lethal amounts of Brazil nuts, Ricky quietly keeps everything running smoothly at SSC towers.

Big Steev


Keeps the ship sailing smoothly. He’s largely responsible for making sure the team have exactly what they need when they need it, from custom builds to service jobs. Holds the record for most colourful bike.