Creating your dream bike

Built to fit and fit for purpose – that pretty much sums up the bikes we build for our customers.

Whatever your experience level, riding habits, athletic ambition and budget, we’ll offer as little or as much help as you want and need to create the perfect bike for you.

We hand pick frames from the brands we work with, not only for their individual ride merits and fit, but because of how they complement every other frame in our range and we are on hand to offer as little or as much help as you need to guide you through the selection process.

We have an extensive selection of wheels to choose from and can advise not only on the type of wheel, but the perfect tyre setup that best complements your frame, riding style and budget.

We’ll listen to your requirements and take everything into consideration before recommending the perfect setup for you.


The beating heart and soul of your next bike

Getting this part right is absolutely critical to the success of the overall build.

When geometry and handling characteristics align with a riders proportions and riding style the bike becomes an extension of them.


Because otherwise you would have to carry your bike everywhere....

Who doesn't like a good anology? If your bike where a car and the frameset was the chassis, then the wheels would be the engine.

Shallow for the climbs, deep for the flats. Tubeless, hookless, rim, disc.


All things mechanical and electrical to make your bike go

There are so many more decisions to make when it comes to drivetrain choices than might first appear.

Aesthetics, weight, shifting ergonomics, gearing, frame and wheel compatibility, price, not to mention brand loyalties.

Need a little inspiration? Perhaps you know what you’re after? Why not browse our bike collections or take a look at some of our recent builds.

We can help guide your choice of frame, wheels and components – advising you at each step to ensure you end up with the best possible solution or your needs. Make an appointment to pop in for an initial chat to see how we can help.

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