New bike fit

We begin by looking at you, learning your riding and injury history, assessing your strength and flexibility and understanding your riding goals and ambitions.

From there we can establish the solid foundations of a position and from this, interpret that position across a range of geometries and sizes to allow us to recommend the perfect bike for your needs.

As you develop as a rider and adapt to this position we would recommend a follow up fit (every 6 to 12 months). Alternatively you may want to allow a little more time with our performance bike fit.

We then take all of this to our bike fitting jig where we have a blank canvass from which we can focus on creating the best possible position for you. We’re looking to optimise power generation, comfort and aerodynamics whilst ensuring we minimise the risk of any injuries.

Every element of the setup is customisable (bar/stem/saddle/crank length) – ensuring the best possible fit outcome.

The final result is scanned so we can begin to recommend appropriate bikes and setup options.

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